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Experimental Fashion Film

This is the film I made for my Fashion Film project at university. I was given the designer John Rocha and the theme of Andy Warhol. The film was influenced by the experimental style of Warhol’s films and the concepts of John Rocha’s SS11 collection – Deborah Turbeville’s ‘Past Imperfect’, the movement of water, and a black and white palette.

john rocha ss11

John Rocha’s Collection

I wanted to use dance after seeing Warhol’s superstars dancing around The Factory. Whilst filming the dancer I projected footage of trees and experimented with out of focus and fuzzy, noisy high contrast shots. I mirrored some of the footage inspired by Warhol’s ‘Chelsea Girls’ and also played with slow motion.


Still of the dancer and projected footage

I used magic milk to create moving abstract 60’s-esque psychedelic patterns for my film. I filled a bowl with milk and added drops of food colouring and washing-up liquid, then filmed the swirling effects it created.

magic milk

Still of the Magic Milk

I also took inspiration from Michel Gondry’s Science Of Sleep’s opening sequence and a Bjork music video and created video of spreading paint splats, similar to the kitsch spin-art children’s toys.

paint spin

Still of the Paint Spin

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